Year in Review Part One: Julian Martinez c/o 15

MILBY_We are now nearing the “End of the School Year” and now let’s review the news headlines from the 2012-13 school year.

This school year is one of the remarkable years I ever faced. From August to October; with the election going on in 2012, we faced with Hurricane Isaac hitting Louisiana and the Gulf Coast, the Benghazi incident which killed four people in September, and Hurricane Sandy pounding the Northeast in late October bringing rain, wind, and snow to the areas that have been affected.

Then November came and the 2012 Election came to a close, as Obama beat Romney with 303-206 votes, the city bond for rebuilding Milby was voted on- “Yes”, while Puerto Rico was unofficially granted Statehood, and pot became legal in two states.

Following November, we’re out of Twinkies…till now! And December, lots of stuff happened: Famous Singer Jenni Rivera died from a Plane Crash, the Newtown, CT shooting killed 26 People including 20 Children, and the 2012 Apocalypse from the Mayans. It’s 2013, we’re still alive!

But more stuff happened in the early start of 2013. We faced the worst flu in years with 19,000+ people sick. On the bright side, Obama was inaugurated for the second time, that’s good. February is the most messed up: the East End of Houston had an election to replace the late Mario Gallegos (Milby alum), although Sylvia Garcia won the seat.

North Korea threatened war on South Korea and the U.S., targeting 4 US targets including Arkansas (replaced by Austin). And the “Winter Storms”, they didn’t end till the 1st Day of May. April 2013 is one of the months that will never be forgotten.

On April 15th, two bombs went off near the finish line in the Boston Marathon which killed 3 people including an 8 year old. Then on April 17th, another explosion, this time in the small town of West, Texas which killed 14 people.

Then came this month of May, with the Obama Administration and the IRS under scandal, Jodi Arias on Trial, three Women missing for 10 years found after being tortured, and the devastating tornado that struck the city of Moore, Oklahoma and killed 24 people including nine children.

On the bright side, Houston won the Bid for hosting Super Bowl LI in 2017. That’s part one of the school year in review, what are your thoughts on the headlines from this school year?


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