“Words” by Keren Argueta c/o 13


The grey clouds are covering the warm sun but with a couple of sprinkles dropping on the ground. I’m here thinking what’s missing? I mean I’m focusing on my education but I want more. I want that feeling back in my heart but its hard to find that someone to take that task 
It’s not impossible it possible for someone to come out of the blue and just amaze you and it actually changes your life. 

Someone who just leaves you breath taking 
A person who makes you and only you special like nobody else. 

These people might be in front of me but maybe I haven’t opened my eyes yet but I’m feeling something 

He’s out there somewhere just gotta keep my eyes wide open and just wait and see 

There’s still hope in my heart 
Hoping that there someone out there for me. 

As right now my mind is full of fog cant focus its hard to think 
My path is unclear and doesn’t know what to do next 
It feels like it knows what to do but it doesn’t know to start it or did start it already 
Is this my path? 

The world it’s amazing but it’s like a puzzle you’re looking for that missing piece that goes with you.


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