Controversy by Julian Martinez c/o 15

Controversy, it’s been around since history and used for political aspirations and interior outlook towards that person or group.

So far this week, controversy became a major topic in the media, as the Obama Administration is in legal trouble with the attacks on Benghazi, the AP phone record situation, the IRS scandal, all the way Jodi Arias guilty for murdering her ex-boyfriend and could be one step closer to the death penalty. We know what you’re thinking: What is Controversy?

According to the Dictionary, controversy is, “A Discussion Marked Especially by the Expression of Opposing Views.” In other words, which side are you on? This is turning your peers one by one into the middle of a debate that no one wants to hear or see what’s going to happen next.

Anything from court arguments to petitions and protests, it’s what the people want to hear, the voice wants to be heard. Look, we faced some controversy in the past, and we get it, it’s what the people debated on certain topics, and some are really important and that’s going to affect people’s lives for the time being.

Controversy set the eyes of the world think what’s going on in the World right now and some debates end with an agreement, ending that causeway of emotions and arguments. Some, however, not so much, which could result on ending a friendship or causing a war that will never last. The lesson here is to never be controversial to your friends, never do it.

Being controversial is wrong and demeaning and will cost you a friend or an ally, or both.

Just don’t, controversy is wrong. For the mean time, talk about anything about any topic that is not controversial, then you’re in the clear. Just don’t be a person who debates, because it’s not government, and maybe you’ll know the “why:” Controversy is just a word.


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