Space in Relationships: Advice from Idalis Villegas c/o 15

MILBY_When you’re in a relationship for a long time, you start getting comfortable with that person.

You start getting attached and you start to withdraw from everybody else you may care about. Every relationship is amazing at the beginning, everything feels so right, and you’re so in love.

Once things start getting more serious, once things start getting harder, once fights start coming in, once issues start to move in that’s when your relationship starts to change.

Sometimes when you’re in a relationship with someone you may still seem lonely at times. You come to a point where you can’t take it anymore and you just can’t hold it in any longer. You need space.

You need time to think about things, you need time to realize and see thing. Space is needed.

Space may end up helping your relationship or it may make it worse, that all depends on how your heart takes it. Space can give you a chance to fix things, correct your mistakes, and help your relationship. Space will help everything.

You aren’t breaking up with that person, you are just simply taking a break from it all for a while to make things better for yourself and for the person you love. You want to have that happy relationship and be in love again and so space will help you both get that back. Sometimes, that’s the best thing to do.


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