Typing! by Tracy Au c/o 14

Well, what about typing? That’s funny when some students noticed me typing so quickly. I would like to say that I’m the fastest typist. I learned how to type when I was only 12, because my big brother typed fast and he had my attention, so I got interested in the computer. Of course, the computer is my boyfriend forever. So, I’ll give you at least three good tips about typing.

1. Good typing technique increases speed and accuracy – This type of teaching allows for faster words per minute and less mistakes, as the typist is only looking at the screen instead of taking extra time to look down at the keyboard. Touch typing allows for optimal hand-eye coordination.  When this typing practice is utilized, many typists find that they rarely look down at the keyboard, and when they do, it is only for a few quick seconds.

2. Build Up Your Typing Skills – If you are someone who tends to practice the “hunt and peck” method, or if you have come to the realization that your current typing skills don’t match your texting or gaming ability, don’t despair.  

There are a variety of ways to build your typing speed as well as learn to type in the correct fashion.  Many online tutorials teach keyboarding and offer practice typing tests as well as free typing lessons that can help you build up your skills in a short matter of time.  If you have a big job interview where a typing test is required, you may also be interested in working with a typing tutor.

3. Practice Makes Perfect – It is perfectly normal in today’s highly technological world to have a few bad habits when it comes to typing.  Everything is literally at our fingertips, and people are used to getting what they need with the push of a single button. While the typewriter has evolved into the computer keyboard, the basic techniques of typing are here to stay.

All it takes is a little practice to un-learn bad typing habits, and before you know it, you will have cultivated the proper typing techniques to increase your speed and accuracy in no time.



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