Nation of Trouble by Jaclyn Dueñez c/o 14

Lately all I have been seeing on the news is horrible stuff happening around the world. It always makes me come to the conclusion of “What is wrong with the people in this world?”

Recently there have been multiple killings of not just one individual but several. Not too long ago there was the Boston massacre where many people were injured and a couple of people were killed at the Marathon. The marathon was a place where these people thought they would be safe with their little ones, enjoying a day out at an annual marathon. They probably never imagined bombs would be set off, injuring many from their waist down and causing them to lose their legs and feet. It is horrific to think that behind all that were two young human beings.

Another situation involved a man entering Sandy Hook elementary and shooting many individuals, most of them being children. This is truly sad, to know that a young man could have the heart to look into those little angels eyes and shot them multiple times. To think those kids woke up happy to go to school just like any other day but by the end of that day they were filled with fear and terror, it brings tears to my eyes. They didn’t even get to explore life, to know the real meaning of living, they were barely getting started. That has to be the most horrible experience ever but that is not the end of it.

Relating to this topic is the stabbing of multiple college students at Texas College. These are others who simply followed their daily routine and got ready to learn; although they did not prepare themselves to find another young man stabbing people all around campus.

There have also been shootings in malls and movie theaters and the torture & rape cases from Cleveland it just makes you think if there’s any safe place left in the world. Looks like everywhere around us there is danger, and people are going crazy. What could of possibly gone wrong in their lives to make everyone feel their pain, to make them feel worse actually.

The loss of a loved one is never easy, now imagine multiplying those losses. I just don’t understand why people do these horrible things, and only they would ever know. Sadly, all we can do is advance on our security and protect ourselves and the people around us.


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