Limited Time on Earth by Jaclyn Dueñez c/o 14

What would you do if you knew you only had a little while longer to live? What would you do with the little time you have left?

These questions have been running through my mind ever since I found out something that could maybe mean cancer. As I worry about the chance of maybe dying, I imagine how the people that have cancer feel. Imagine being told you have a disease that could kill you.

Every day they wake up they see it as a miracle, while others take their health for granted. Some people cry over a break up with their boyfriend/girlfriend or because they didn’t get what they want while others cry over the thought of having to tell their loved ones that they won’t be there to see them grow old. It’s truly sad having to deal with the fact that any day could be your last. Adults and children whom have cancer have to worry about surviving another chemo when they should be out there living their life. People don’t see how fortunate they are by simply having  good health.

I know I never did until this cancer scare. Now I think about all the good times I’ve had with my family and friends and how I would love to have more. I think about my future and everything I’ve worked hard for, how it could all go to waste in a simple second. I always planned to go to college, I’ve worked hard in school to make my parents proud, I absolutely love hanging out with my friends, I’ve always thought about the mother I would be to my children. Then, to think that none of my dreams and goals will come true is… depressing and devastating.

People only begin to be thankful for what they had once it’s gone and that’s a mistake many of us do. Others just realize it sooner because they have no other choice and we don’t have the choice of living or dying, the only thing we can choose is what we do with the time that we’re still living. Now that’s something everyone should think about.


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