Sophomore Year by Idalis Villegas c/o 15

My sophomore year has been great and I’ve made friends and all and I loved it a lot but I just want to be a junior already and move on in school.

School has been a great year so far and all and I’ve had a lot of experiences here but I just want everything to be over already. Even though school is almost over, everyone is still focused especially because STAAR is coming up for us freshmen and sophomores. I am not so excited about that though. I hope I pass my entire test so I can move on the 11th grade.

Junior year is so exciting because so take SAT exams and you can determine which colleges you can go to and what kind of student you are. I hope a lot of colleges like my scores so that I can have a lot of choices to choose from in my senior year.

I would also like to get in the National English Honor Society. I also want to keep dancing and stepping. I want to keep doing a lot of things involving at my school. I’m excited and thrilled about the upcoming year!


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