Reaching Your Goals! by Idalis Villegas c/o 15

MILBY_So many people have dreams and goals that they want to reach. So many people don’t believe that they can make it or that they can achieve anything. What a lot of people don’t have is motivation and confidence.

If you have motivation, you can do anything possible you need to have a lot of motivation in order to keep going in life and in order to make it through life. Motivation is like that “boost” that you need. Confidence is also very important. Confidence is what you need whenever you feel like giving up. You need to think in your mind that you can do it and that you will do it. Don’t ever think that you cannot do something unless you work hard for it and try your best.

You don’t just reach your goals just by sitting down and down nothing, you have to actually get up, set your mind right and go reach your goal. People have goals to do better for them, to improve in things, and to change. Reach your goals and never give up. Don’t let anybody bring you down. If someone doesn’t believe that you can do it, that should be your motivation to prove them wrong and to make it happen.


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