Pros & Cons of Youth by Jaclyn Dueñez c/o 14

Do you ever sit down and think about your life at the moment? Do you question yourself whether you’re on the right path, if you’re making the right decisions or if you’re even happy with yourself?

Life is complicated but my point of view is it’s especially hard for the young generation.

Nowadays we’re too caught up on trying to find love, make money, have friends, and have all the material things everybody considers cool. We’re at a point in our life where we care what people think about us and if they think negative we let it get to us.

There are teenagers out there who might say they’re not bothered by what people think and say or that they simply don’t care, they’re lying.

Deep down we all care because our choices is what reflects on what people think about us; and sometimes we don’t always make the right choices, we all make mistakes. Some mistakes on the other hand keep repeating themselves which doesn’t make them mistakes anymore but a choice. Sometimes other people’s choices can affect you as well, whether it’s about love, your family, or any other subjects in that matter. The thing is that because we’re young we don’t always think things through.

We might say things we don’t mean when we get upset, we do things we know we’ll regret simply because everybody around us is doing them, we let ourselves get influenced by others, and other times we turn into the person we said we’ll never be. I understand there are some things we can’t control because life has its own destiny but what we decide to do can change that.

It’s nice to be care free when you’re young but we won’t be young forever. Sooner or later we have to grow up and the choices we make as a child could affect our future. A lot of people don’t see that, a lot of people don’t realize that what happens to you throughout your life stays with you till the end.

There might not be many things to worry about when you’re young compared to when you get older but life when you’re young comes with a lot of responsibilities and feelings and that is complicated to deal with, it’s not as easy as it seems. Nobody said life was easy but they never said it would be this hard.


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