“Paco” by Bill the Thrill Rivera c/o 14

I have recently discovered a pimple under my chin. I have decided to call this certain pimple Paco.

Paco was made when I shaved last Friday. I mean I did use aftershave, but it didn’t help with the irritation the next day. I scratched and scratched and scratched and bam! The next thing I knew I had a pimple named Paco living under my chin. He doesn’t bother me or anything. Usually I hate pimples with a passion because I’m white complected and you can tell my pimples really quick, but Paco is different, he actually cares about how I feel. He thought to himself, “Hey man, this guy is really attractive and I need to come out on the surface, so let me just appear underneath his chin so that he won’t be insecure about his looks.” Paco is such a good pimple.

In case you did not know, pimples are created when dead cells become trapped inside the follicle. Add excessive sebum, the skin’s natural oil, and an abundance of acne-causing bacteria and you soon have a pimple. Usually with pimples, I treat them right away with Nivea lotion cream. I honestly did not think it was lotion at first. I used it for my pimples the first time I purchased it and it worked like a charm, so that’s my pimple resolve- if ya’ll wanted to know how I keep my face so clear.

Anyways, I didn’t use Nivea on Paco because I honestly like his company. Sometimes at night when I think there’s something in my closet, I talk to Paco until I fall asleep. He can maybe be my best friend one time (: when I’m having relationship problems, Paco is a shoulder to cry on at anytime ❤ LONG LIVE PACO and also let’s stop communism in the world!



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