Toothless by Galilea Valdes c/o 16

Today I read an article of a man called Crist that has no teeth at all.

Why you may ask? Well Crist went to Amazing Family Dental. A dentist, that they haven’t revealed his name yet- took all Crist’s teeth out. Crist didn’t find out until later on. He was surprised that this happened to him. What astonished me the most is that when Crist case went out in public people started calling announcing that they had the same case. Some people had their bottom teeth taken off. Crist however had to go to the hospital for this infection.

The dentist is unknown because they do not have proofs against him. However they have a lot of people saying that they have gone to the Amazing Family Dental and had more teeth taken off then they expected. They had told the guy that they didn’t need all those teeth taken off because they hadn’t bothered them but the dentist kept taking off teeth by teeth. When police arrived he didn’t want to come out of the office this story is still going. But my question is why now ? Why hadn’t other people say something?

This story has really amazed me because what if this had gone to far. It had this movie scene of terror. This guy that takes all teeth out because of nothing. The guy might be crazy and could of done more things then that. So it actually good for someone to stick up and say something because this could of continued and nobody would of say something. This article really catches your attention because what if nobody would had say something and you could gone that dentist and something would of happen to you like it did to Crist.


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