World War III? by Jaclyn Dueñez c/o 14

I’m sure everybody has heard about the conflict going on with the U.S. and North Korea. With the news media covering it all; up to the social medias like Twitter and Facebook are talking about it.

The news is that North Korea Is planning to bomb Austin which is a threat to the United States. We are talking about a nuclear bomb which can set off radiation not only in Austin but in Houston as well. The radiation of the nuclear weapon could affect the U.S. in a very drastic way and not only the U.S. but the people who live within our countries/cities.

This threat could leave us into World War III because what North Korea is proposing is an act of war. Ignorant people on twitter tweet about the situation as if it was funny, posting things like “Were going to die” and little do they know that this is reality and yes, many people could die if North Korea decides to go through with this. North Korea actually warned South Korea to take shelter on Tuesday because they are close to an outbreak of a nuclear war. We could not afford another war, we cannot afford to risk peoples lives, the soldiers and the innocent ones who have nothing to do with U.S. actions. Informers say North Korea is taking this procedure because they say they are fed up with “undisguised hostile actions of the United States.”

What they don’t realize is that their problem is with the U.S. government, not with its people. In my opinion, I can’t see why we can’t simply live in peace? What are we still fighting for? Our freedom? We have that. Innocent people die everyday in war just to honor their country but whats the point of it all if all we get in return are dead bodies?

There are families out there who worry each day, wondering if their soldier will come back home. Many brave people chose that as a career but what kind of career includes you risking your life? It all seems unbelievable to me how governments don’t think this way. I thought we lived in peace but now I see that we don’t. Peace is something the world should consider. It could end the many sorrows of life.


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