Love Advice by Jessica Webb c/o 15

Before ever into getting a relationship make sure you really know the other person first, never jump into a relationship with someone you barely know because you may find out some things you don’t like as you get to know the person more. Never rush things, take things slow, develop deep feelings slowly, and don’t fall “in love” too quickly.

Don’t get attached, because once you get too attached your world just revolves around the other person and that’s not good. You have to be independent with yourself. Make sure you can fully trust the other person, like you trust him/her with everything. It’s great to have a person to call your boyfriend/girlfriend but even better to call them your bestfriend. Just keep in mind, “if there’s no trust, there’s no us”.

Do not assume things, don’t ever THINK that the other person is doing something or talking to someone they are not suppose to, just comfort them about it and talk it through. Hopefully, you keep these tips in mind before getting into a serious relationship, remember not every relationship is “perfect”.


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