“Walda” and the Brink of War by Julian Martinez c/o 15

Looks like winter is not actually over. Thanks to a low pressure system in the Pacific Northwest, it brought rain and snow into the northwestern part of the U.S.

Like I said, this year, the Weather Channel began naming winter storms like the Hurricane Center names hurricanes. They named it: “Walda.” Which is weird, it’s April and we are still getting snow. Unfortunately, the Northern part of the country is not done with winter.

It’s already passed Groundhog Day and the groundhog didn’t see his shadow, so where is Spring? Not so much for Houston, because it’s beginning to look a little bit more like summer in our neck of the woods. “Winter is not over in the North, so sorry for them who lived through the snow in the late parts of this winter,” said Anonymous student #1. “Walda” will pass by through Wednesday night into Thursday morning up north. To everyone in the Midwest, stay safe. 

Speaking of the North: we turn to North Korea.

It’s official, the 60 year peace between the North and the South is broken. Tensions began to arise between the two Koreas. They have threatened to nuke South Korea, Japan, Guam, and the United States. The U.S. targets North Korean missles “might” hit are the following: Hawaii, Los Angeles, California, Washington, DC…and for some reason, Austin, Texas is on the list, but I don’t know why Austin is in the hit zone.

But now, North Korea has restarted it’s Nuclear Power Plant, for energy? No. Weapons? Nobody is sure. However, this time North Korea is not joking, it’s not an April Fools’ Trick, they are dead serious. “Why, North Korea, why can’t we be friends,” said Anonymous student #2.

So that means, we’re into a “Brink of War.” Two dates we have to be careful with are April 15th and April 30th. So until this moment, North Korea: “Why Can’t We Be Friends?”


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