Liars by Idalis Villegas c/o 15

People think that lying is better than telling the truth because they don’t want to get caught doing what they did wrong. Honestly, that is not true.

Lying actually makes things worse. Even if you say the truth and if you get in trouble, it is better than lying and losing that person’s trust. Once you lie, that is it. Your trust and respect is all gone just because you lied. I don’t understand why people lie though? It doesn’t make you a better person at all, insteasd it makes you look like a person who can’t be trusted. When you lie to someone, you may never know if you will get caught with that lie. If you never get caught lying, then that’s good but believe me, you will get caught one day and you will regret it.

Once you get caught in a lie, that person might never want to speak to you again because now they can’t trust you. Their attitude towards you may change really bad. If you want to keep a relationship with someone and be faithful to them, then don’t lie to them. Just be real and keep it 100 percent.

If you stay faithful, then everything will go great. However, if you lie, you’ve just crossed the line. Lying is like keeping a big secret from someone and not being honest with them. A secret can sometimes turn into a big issue. Just say the truth and never lie to someone. Lesson of the day, don’t lie!


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