The Strokes: Comedown Machine Review by Roberto Rodriguez c/o 14

After their last record, “Angles”, The Strokes released their 5th album, “Comedown Machine” this week, and so far, I haven’t found any flaws.

It seems if you were to listen to this album, you may not take notice that it was the same 15 year old NY band that recorded this. The sound of this album sounds so far off from the band’s traditional sound, but whether it’s old fans or new, it manages to please both. 

The album begins with the track “Tap Out”, which sounds like an 80s pop electronica band that would air on MTV. This song is a pretty good example of how this album isolates itself from the band’s previous albums.

Rather than hearing their traditional sound, the band has taken a different route with this album. Despite the fact that this album is different from the band’s other albums, their single “All the Time”, brings in a classic Strokes sound to the record. “One Way Trigger”, the third track off the album, consists of the electronica sound, added with the falsetto voice of Casablancas.

So far this track has been one of those songs that can’t seem to get out of my mind. Their 4th track, “Welcome To Japan”, sounded similar to the sound Chromeo usually makes in their songs.

Not only did this song catch my attention, it seems as if they were to make a music video for this song, it would be like one of those videos where a fight might break out, but instead, it’s a dance fight. For example, Michael Jackson’s “Beat It”. 

All in all, this album was great. Even though it was different from The Strokes traditional sound, the album had found its way to leave an impression on those who listen to it.


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