Naive Theives: Le Sheik Rhat Review by Roberto Rodriguez c/o 14

With the band only about three years old, Naive Thieves have already released two EPs, along with a possible album release by the end of this year.

Straight out of Southern California, the band’s sound has somewhat of a 60’s Hawaiian beach vibe merged with a bit of The Strokes. However, the band also brings in a bit of jazz into their music. So, anyone looking for some great beach-like music, this band is totally worth checking out. 

The first track off the EP, which is the name of the EP, starts off with a drum fill and then shifts into a nice groove. It’s a very catchy tune and I found myself singing along to the melody soon after a couple of listens. Next, “Crutches” begins, which reminds me of elevator music, and makes me feel as if I’m spending a summer in Hawaii as I’m listening to it.

With the use of a ukulele, I can see why I feel this way as I listen to this track repeatedly. The instruments, the harmonies, the lyrics, the singing, all seem to compliment each other throughout the whole EP. When I listened to the next track “Herringbone Or Heather”, it reminded me of the feeling of love.

Listening to it, the track reminds me of one who’s in love or wanting it. “Santa Anna”, is another song that gives off a Hawaiian vibe to me. The melody is a catchy tune to sing along to, making it difficult not to listen.

The 5th track “Dark Lonely Ocean” makes you feel like you’re floating in one alone. The track begins with a guitar, then vocals, and on top of that, beautiful harmonies join together in the chorus. This song surprised me not only because of how good it is, but the title of the song helped me describe how I felt exactly when listening to it.

The last track “Grindin'”, which is one of the band’s singles, is really catchy. It starts off with a nice bass line, and then all instruments join together, then going into a groove. This song reminded me of those old 50s, maybe early 60s, pop sounds that many groups used to play. 

After listening to this EP multiple times, it’s easy for me to say that this EP was worth the buy.


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