Rest In Peace Raquel Rubio by Jaclyn Dueñez c/o 14

Yesterday, March 27, 2013 I lost yet another friend due to drunk driving.

Berny Aguirre was in a car with his friends and they were speeding until they hit a curb and ran into a tree. He died at the scene, and this time so did my other friend. Now, I’m here writing about another good friend, Raquel Rubio. This time, she was not the one who caused her accident. Unfortunately, another drunk driver ran into the car she was in.

The man, who was said to be following a girl from the gentleman’s club he was coming from, was intoxicated and was speeding when he ran a red light. The only thing that stopped this man was my friend’s car and someone else’s vehicle. My friend died at the scene; reporters from the news said she was a 22 year old, but she wasn’t. She was only 16. My other friend Victoria, which was the owner of the car Raquel was in, woke up to find her car missing. She then thought it was weird she hadn’t heard from Raquel.

Once she found out about the accident, she rushed to the hospital only to confirm the dead body of the girl was her best friend, Raquel. Raquel was the passenger in Victoria’s car and the driver, whom was a guy, was sent to the hospital under critical conditions. Her car was totaled but that didn’t matter to her; she had just lost her true friend after a night of partying.

You ask yourself, “Why would a 16-year-old be in the streets at one in the morning on a Tuesday?” Well, Raquel was the type of girl who was down to earth, crazy in a fun way, and very outgoing. Some people who are ignorant said she shouldn’t have been on the streets at that time but the drunk driver shouldn’t have been driving under the influence in the first place. Nobody deserves to die, at least not before they get to live their entire lives.

She was so young but I know for the time she was here with us, she lived her life the way she wanted to. She was always so carefree, always smiling and that’s how I’m going to remember her. For all the ones who knew her, this is a very sad and mourning time… I’m still in shock; I can’t believe she really is gone.

She is gone but will never be forgotten… May Raquel Rest In Peace. 


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