“Change” by Keren Argueta c/o 13


Every song that I listen to, the words seem to speak to me. 
For example, some words can bring back memories in my mind and I think to myself, “why don’t I have that anymore?” 
The feelings I had before have all changed. 
At the same time, I miss having that feeling in my heart. 
I need that spark and love back into my heart. 
After everything I’ve been through, it’s tough to think I wasn’t as good as the other girls were. 

I felt hopeless in the world 
But now I’m a whole new person. 
I’m confident, beautiful, athletic, sweet, funny and just pure awesome. 
But most all, I just miss having that feeling. 
I think I’m more popular now and less shy. 
There’s nothing wrong changing yourself because change is great. 
Whenever I’m outside and sitting down, I just admire nature and its beauty. 
The majestic wind blowing while the tress follow in the direction whichever the wind blows. 
I admire how the sun shines down on the earth and gives us warmth. It’s amazing how nature is so beautiful in this life. I have changed a lot in my time from then and now. The thing that gets me is when someone actually notices me and tells me, “You’re beautiful.” 

At first I couldn’t see it because I’m a little negative on my beauty, but the other side of me sees it now. I’ve opened my eyes to see the brightness of the sun because the other side just sees darkness. I miss the feeling when someone is close to me and their hand is on my face and they look at me with their eyes and I stare at them. I smile, he’s pulls me closer and pecks my lips. It’s romantic is it not? Well to me, it is.


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