Nuclear North Korea by Julian Martinez c/o 15

As you know, North Korea has been conducting nuclear testing.

The first time the DPRK did its testing was back in 2006, performing underground testing for some reasons which some countries thought was an earthquake as it registered seismically.

The second time was in 2009, they cannot stop, countries were already watching them, including us. So North Korea won’t destroy anyone or anything with their nuclear missiles.

Until this year, when during February of 2013, the country did its third round of testing… three strikes, you’re out! The UN said, “Enough is enough!”

Unless you don’t know much about North Korea as an American students, it’s a Communist country founded in 1953 after the Korean War. It has a strong leader and an army of thousands of troops. However, their people have to follow what the leader said, if not, it’s either a prison camp, or death.

And their people are starving causing them to die of starvation. After the recent testing by North Korea, Japan called an emergency UN meeting about the Nuclear Threat. “North Korea maybe a country full of restrictions, but with their nuclear testing, I don’t know what will happen,” said Anonymous #1.

But, there’s a problem, the reason why North Korean is testing their weapons of mass destruction is because they threaten to nuke South Korea, Japan, and of course, their arch-enemy, the United States. So now, we are in trouble. Other countries including the U.S. and China don’t like North Korea’s nuclear testing. “North Korea has made a major mistake when it comes with Nuclear Missile Testing. It has to stop,” said Anonymous 2. Because of North Korea’s nuclear threat, some people believe that it could be a path to another “World War” or something, a “Nuclear War,” a “Mushroom War” (Adventure Time reference people).

So, what do you think about North Korea’s Nuclear Testing? Don’t panic, just stay calm, the U.S. will know what to do, but for now, fingers crossed, Buffaloes.


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