Faking One’s Death by Perla Lucio c/o 15

What kind of person would fake their own death to their loved ones? That’s just cruel and insensitive.

People were crying for you for days. Having them think that they will never see you again and then it turns out that you’re not dead: I just can’t imagine what kind of person would have their family go through that, then have people lie to them and say that it is true, that you are dead.

Isn’t that a crime to fake your own death? You should be arrested. For days I would see my sister crying her eyes out; crying for my nephew because he had no clue what was going on. You made innocent people suffer for no apparent reason. Then you try to come back like if nothing happened. You can’t just appear out of no where. We thought you were dead and now you’re alive.

You could have given her a heart attack; she thought she was dreaming when she saw you. I won’t lie, I was relieved that you were alive, so she wouldn’t be a sad for the rest of her life, but you could have called her and told her you weren’t dead.

But instead you had her think you were gone from this world. Heartless people are the ones we have to deal with now.


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