Film Review: “Oz the Great and Powerful” by Neftali Mojica c/o 15


HOUSTON_ It’s time to journey back to the “merry old land of oz” but this time it’s without Dorothy, Toto and the Oz Gang and it’s not a bouncy musical either.

This time we see how the Wizard became the wizard and even how the wicked witch received her green skin coloring.

Oz the Great and Powerful starts out with fairly long opening credits but past that we enter a bleak and black-and-white Kansas plain where a magician named Oz played by James Franco is going to perform some tricks for the local town folk.

Afterwards a woman by the last name of Gale sees her past love (Oz) hinting that she might be Dorothy’s mom! When the circus buff guy finds out his girlfriend was hanging out with Oz he sets out to kill him. Oz escapes but then gets sucked into this predictable tornado.

Afterwards the film transitions from the black and white to the lively Technicolor world of Oz. A ton of hilarious moments and screaming soon follows until he meets Theodora played by Mila Kunis. As soon as Oz meets Theodora they meet another character of the film, a flying monkey named Finley played by Zach Braff who is almost being eaten by the cowardly lion who eventually journeys Dorothy in a nod to the 1939 version.

After some more funny moments they reach the Emerald City where they meet Theodora’s sister Evanora played by Rachel Weisz. After a little flirting with Oz, Evanora shows him the treasure of Emerald city and also tells him that he must conquer the bad witch “Glinda” (Michelle Williams) and steal her wand. They eventually accomplish this goal with a new friend known as China Girl (Joey King) who provides one of the most hilarious parts of the film. Eventually Oz and Glinda get a little comfortable with each other and a jealous Theodora turns into the wicked witch in a sequence memorable to Snow White.

It is then revealed who the real wicked witches are and they begin to ruin the land of Oz. Luckily Oz, Glinda, and some friends put a stop to it and they live happily ever after. The film basically ties loose knots from the 1939 version and it’s very faithful to the original.

Disney did a great job in providing a prequel.Oz the Great and Powerful is definitely a film to see and it’s a treat for little siblings. Who knows maybe it will become a classic!


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