Cooking Class! by Daysy Vielma c/o 15

MILBY_I am so glad we have this subject in school! 

We can now start cooking and learn the introduction of culinary arts and so much more. The reason I am so proud to have this in our school is because it is really interesting for those people who have a passion for cooking, and especially the ones who already know how to cook. They can learn more about cooking- there’s nothing wrong if they already know how to cook. 

I have cooking class for 2B and our teacher, Mr. Brown, shows us a lot about this subject. Mr. Brown has a lot of plans for us too. Right now we are planning to build a little farm of vegetables in the garden that is located in the middle of the building in our courtyard at Milby High School.

I can see that Mr. Brown wants the best for his students and his class. For example, he bought more than 10 packets of soil for his students so we can volunteer and help him build our healthy little garden. 

This past Tuesday we took the Serve Safe exam and it was just a little difficult but I hope to pass it because I want to be able to cook and participate in the kitchen we have for students.

We still have a lot to cover in this class but I am guessing we will be able to cook next year because some things are not fixed in the kitchen yet. We hope all students pass the test and get certified so we can have the chance to get our cooking class going!


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