The World: What’s Going On? by Neftali Mojica c/o 15

HOUSTON_ All buffaloes are currently wrapping their school stuff up as spring break is now here! Even if tons of stuff has been going on around the world lately. Let’s take a look into the current events that have happened, and are happening this week.

First off in Venezuela down in South America, (where it’s currently summer) president Hugo Chavez has died. Even if he was an extreme critic of the U.S. and according to Venezuelan’s, a very bad president. People should mourn and think about what’s going to happen to Venezuela now. “Yeah I heard of that, it was sad.” said anonymous #1. Well that’s over and done with, let’s see what else is happening.

In Asia, North Korea, a very hostile nation that’s really isolated from the world has recently had a NUCLEAR test. North Korea also threatened to destroy the armistice that ended the Korean War. They are also aiming to develop nuclear ammo that will destroy the U.S. Let’s hope they don’t destroy us. I could now imagine South Korea, which is probably terrified. Let’s not worry; hopefully those South Koreans will keep Gangham Styling on to happiness.

In Europe, they still haven’t picked the Pope. However, they are about to do so. I wonder who will be the next Pope. It’s a matter of serious thinking (no it’s not) but it makes you think. Doesn’t it? Meanwhile in the Middle East, the Syrian war is still going on and it has been said that the violence has spilled into Iraq! Let’s not start another war here. Perhaps one day in the far… far… far……..far future that region of the world will be in complete peace! In Australia nothing major is going on, and to think of it, does anything bad ever happen in Australia?

That’s the world news for this week. It’s amazing how much stuff goes on and we hardly ever listen or read about it. We should all start watching the news so turn on that TV at 5 or read some interesting news! Have a great spring break buffaloes!


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