Tough Loss in Rivalry Game by Alexis Osorio c/o 13

After a disappointing loss against Davis the Buffs looked to redeem themselves against their eternal rivals the Austin Mustangs. This was a very important game for the Buffs because it also has playoff implications as another loss would cause them to drop even more. 

When the game started the Buffs were dominating the field of play and were dictating the game. Milby was having good plays put together and they created some dangerous plays. Although Austin also had a few good plays it was obvious that the Buffs were controlling the play and were sticking to their game plan to keep possession.

On a long throw in by defender Alex Aranda around the 25th minute the ball was deflected by an Austin defender into his own goal. The first Buff goal was not even made by a Milby player but either way it was celebrated as if it was. The Buffs continued to dominate the game until there was a foul around the middle of the field. This made the Buffs anxious because as anybody who has seen them play this year would say that set pieces are definitely the weak spot of the Milby defense.

Just as their worst fears predicted the Mustangs scored on that play and that is how the half ended, at a 1-1 tie. When the second half started Austin was the more motivated team of the two but the Buffs weren’t giving up either. It was a tight game until another set piece brought a Mustang goal which was probably the best goal scored on Milby this year. After the goal the Buffs were desperate to find an equalizer sending almost everyone on the field up.

The pressure was constant and with each play the Buffs seemed to get closer and closer but unfortunately there wasn’t enough time left. The game ended and the Buffs had their 2nd straight loss. 

Although this was a disappointing loss for the Buffs they are not going to give up that easy. Captain Uriel Contreras had this to say, “These were two tough losses but that doesn’t mean that we did not play well or that we are done, we are determined to make playoffs and that is exactly what we will do.”

The next opponent for the Buffs after a clutch Tuesday afternoon victory over Reagan 2-1 is Waltrip- this Friday at Barnett (3/8 @ 4:30pm)  so make sure you go out and support Milby on their playoff push!


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