A Bad Year by Karina Denisse Diaz c/o 14

This year started off pretty great, and I was super excited to start of the soccer season and I am always wanting to make it a better year each fall.

Seeing the girls again since a long vacation seemed pretty great but horrible because we never kept in contact over the break. 

Coach Roberts would always tell us before the soccer season even started to get our physical done so he can know who really wants to join. It took me quite some time to convince my mom to take me, at the end when she called she had to make an appointment but the appointment was after the papers were due. I was mad that I couldn’t turn them in on time, but once I told coach he understood. 

Before I even went to my appointment I started getting these really terrible headaches, I went to my doctor Mitzi and she told me my blood pressure was high , and that it was up in the 140’s. They checked my blood and told me I had Anemia, I didn’t even knew what anemia meant, so I had to look it up in the internet. Then I asked “so does that mean I can’t play soccer?” she said “no soccer”, I was so devastated and furious. My mom made me to start eating lots of fruit and vegetables but I was never a big fan of them. 

A month or so went by and I went back to my doctor, I wasn’t expecting any good news from her any time soon because I didn’t want to get my hopes up. The doctor checked my blood pressure and as soon I heard the beeping sound she said my blood pressure was back to normal. I asked her if I could play soccer and she finally said yes, my mom started laughing and said “damn girl you barely got better and you are already wanting to play” and I said “yes, because I miss playing and being with the girls”. 

It was finally the beginning of January and I had already gotten my physical and the Galveston tournament was here. Playing back on the field was like it was meant to be and I was expecting nobody to get hurt. Seeing us win 3rd place in the tournament had been the best we have done in years and an improvement for everybody. 

The district games hadn’t even started and something went wrong, it was January 25th and we had a game in Pearland and we were warming up. I remember that when we were warming up, the grass was wet. Maria and I went to restroom and as soon as I entered I slipped down, when I slipped, I landed with my arm straight and I heard my elbow pop. It was the worst sound I ever heard and by then I already knew that my season was over. I had a severe fracture in my elbow that required surgery, screws, and a plate.

I feel horrible that I was waiting to play and I haven’t even gotten the chance to enjoy this year, but it hasn’t been that bad, I know that no matter what I’m still part of the team 🙂


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