Class of 2014 by Jaclyn Dueñez c/o 14

All juniors took the last official Writing and English TAKS test yesterday, March 4, 2013.

Many would say it was easy but for others English might be the hardest subject to comprehend.

Others might just have trouble with the writing an essay part. Luckily, I like writing and English has always been one of the easiest subjects for me.

Overall, mostly everyone who took the test said it was too easy unlike the SATs. I would say that TAKS test was a piece of cake, it was just too easy. That’s not the topic in this case though; like I recently said, this is officially the last TAKS English and Writing test our class will have to take. Well, that is if everyone passes it the first time which I’m pretty sure everyone in the class of 2014 is intelligent enough to do so.

I cannot believe we’re almost about to graduate; I remember walking the halls of Milby for the first time. It was so unfamiliar and huge to me but soon enough I got used to these halls.

Walking in as a freshmen and I’m already a junior in my second semester, in the process of graduating. If I wanted to I could graduate in August but I would much rather graduate with the class I arrived here with. I arrived with them and I will be walking to the other side of that stage to receive my diploma with them as well.

I recognize we still have another year to go but time flies by so fast that by the time we know it we will be wearing our blue cap and gown. When I was barely a freshmen I thought, “damn I have a long way to go” but here I am, already a junior soon to be a senior.

Senior year will be our last year of high school; these four years passed by so quick. We have a year to get our minds straight and figure out what we want to do in life. When they asked us freshman year we didn’t have to decide right there and then because we still had time to figure that out.

Now the time has come to really think about your future and what you would like to make of yourself. Good luck to my class of 2014!


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