Tough Loss: Boys Soccer by Alexis Osorio c/o 13

“Keep your heads up guys, you played a good and tough game”, those were the words of Coach Doherty after the heartbreaking loss to Davis on Tuesday.

This past Tuesday was the start of the second half of the season and the Buffs were hoping to get off to a great start. Unfortunately the complete opposite is what ended up happening, the intensity of the Buffs when the game started simply wasn’t enough. Right off the bat the Davis team was attacking relentlessly which put a big strain on the Buff’s defense. To top it off the wind was in favor of Davis which made it harder to defend the long ball. Despite these conditions the defense managed to keep Davis from scoring, until the first major play came and that’s all Davis needed. After they scored the first goal the second goal came not too long after from a set piece, which the Buffs were having a hard time defending on Tuesday. However, the Buffaloes did show some life when forward Jose Contreras scored to put the score at 2-1.

After that Davis scored another punishing goal from a long ball which was misplayed by the defense. The game went into halftime with the score 3-1; at the half Coach Doherty gave his team a pep talk and talked strategy to help his team play better. At the very beginning of the half Davis scored another goal from a set piece, definitely the Achilles heel of the Buffs that day. However, the talk sure seemed to work because the Buffs came out with a higher intensity and created more chances on goal. In the middle of the half came the second Buff goal from midfielder Jorge Campos. After that goal the Buffs were even more motivated that they could tie the game. Soon after the ref called a penalty on Davis after one of the defenders committed a handball in the box. The penalty was put away securely by forward Jose Contreras, his second of the day. The score was now 4-3 and there was 5 minutes left to play, and the Buffs gave it all they had to try to score. Unfortunately they were only able to create one dangerous play in those 5 minutes which was blocked by the Davis goalie, leaving the final score at 4-3.

Although this was a tough loss for the Buffs, it was a great display of their toughness and will to fight no matter what the odds are- Since the Davis loss, the Buffs took another hit on Friday night, losing to Austin 2-1. Make sure to come out and support your fellow Buffs on Tuesday afternoon against Reagan at 4:30 pm at Dyer Stadium!


One thought on “Tough Loss: Boys Soccer by Alexis Osorio c/o 13

  1. The refs were looking for you yesterday! They thought we were going to sneak you and Omar into the lineup. Hah. Great article, even though you made me sound much more inspirational than I am!

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