Does Technology make us… Dumber? by Neftali Mojica c/o 15

HOUSTON_ Everywhere we go people are always on some sort of technology. Whether it’s your iPhone or your iPod, or iPad, and all other phones, pods, and pads we are always using them! So does technology make us dumber? “I think so because we kind of rely on them to tell us some sort of answer” said Anonymous #1. So does having all of this easy=stupid for us?

Technology has certainly changed the world these past few decades from advances in medicine which helps us live longer and computers which have completely changed our lives when they were released.
Technology has certainly helped us but let’s look at how it affects us in high school. In math class we use calculators while years ago speaking of calculators might have gotten us in trouble. Now the calculators do all sorts of functions and what does that leave us with. No knowledge perhaps? While it can be true we have to remember that it takes our own mind to know how work our little math problem out so maybe it doesn’t make us dumber.

In other classes students everywhere are glued to their things. “I have seen a ton of people who don’t pay attention in class because of their phones.”-said Anonymous #2. It’s definitely true that being glued to our things won’t help us get any better at subjects. In fact, this would make us dumber because then we don’t understand and when we try to do the assignment, we fail. Teachers aren’t fond of our affairs with phones and stuff so we should try to put it down and do our work before we end up having to repeat the whole school year.

Our reliance on technology certainly goes both ways. Most of the time technology helps us and in fact makes life easier but it’s important to remember that it can also make us fail at our assignments. So put down that phone for awhile and do your work! Even if it’s boring, would you rather fail a class or use your phone?


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