SAT by Jaclyn Dueñez c/o 14 & Julissa Enriquez c/o 15

Scholastic Aptitude Test also known as the SATs will be taken tomorrow by all juniors in hope that it will grant scholarships and help with the tuition cost of some students who perform well. Basically is a test to see how prepared you are for college and if you’re able to answer some basic questions you should know and if you’re college level material.

While preparing for the SATs it is important you expand your vocabulary to understand that there is more than one word to a single meaning. Also there are many definitions to define one word so it could get a little tricky and complicated. There are many parts to this test like critical reading, mathematics, and writing that tests your ability to do exceptional on each level.

In my opinion, critical reading has to be the hardest section because you have to know the meaning of these big words you might not be used to hearing every day or might have not even heard before. You have to understand how to read the sentence right to help you eliminate other choices and find the right word that completes the sentence and makes the most sense.

The there comes the spell check section which is as hard because there are many grammatical errors which you have to know in order to fix. The writing in my case will come to me easy because I love to come up with different plots to make up a story but for some other people they might get stuck because they lack imagination. Also when it comes to the math section it helps that they are multiple choice but you have to know how to do the math in order to fully understand what you are doing.

Gratefully they provide us with tools that we need to provide the answer. If you lack in some of these subjects I suggest you study because if you perform well, this test will help you with future references.


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