No Trust No Love by Jaclyn Dueñez c/o 14

Who can you really trust nowadays? From what I’ve seen, apparently nobody. Friends, lovers, and not even family can be trusted.

Somehow they find a way to stab you in the back. Friends for starters come and go; some friends stay but yet keep betraying your trust. In my case, I would put friends before family which now I know was a big mistake.

So many people have proved me wrong; I thought I could believe in them to always tell me the truth and just be themselves but a lot of people put up a big front. You can be best friends with somebody for years but at the end of the day you end up seeing their true colors. Yes, people can lie but those lies won’t stay hidden forever, the truth will come out some day.

It hurts to feel betrayed by someone you once thought you could count on, and that also relates to ones’ lover. You can put in so much effort into a relationship risking to put your heart on the line and they just cross that line. They lie, they hurt you, they break your heart but yet you still love them. The feelings will always be there and sadly so will the pain. It’s sad to know that even your own family could also cause so much hurt in your life.

Even your own blood will lie and betray you in some cases. Some do it to protect you which still ends up hurting you just for the simple thought of them lying to you. Others just want to hurt you intentionally which has to be the hardest fact to accept if you truly loved and cared for that person. If you’re anything like me, those lies can cut deep.

Like I always say, “Forgive but never forget” even when some people don’t deserve forgiveness. You should be the bigger person and in other cases you just have to open the door for those ungrateful people to walk out of your life to keep them from hurting you.


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