Life & Loss by Perla Lucio c/o 15

Have you ever felt like your life is just slipping right out of your hands? Like from one day to another you’re just lost not knowing what to do. Like the life that you knew has just changed. That little perfect life you thought you had has just been ruined and there’s nothing you can do but just watch it happen.

Well that has happened to me. One day I was that one girl walking in the halls quiet with many things to say. I went from being a cheerleader, B student, living on the legacy of my sisters to being a lost person not knowing what to do. It was like my world turned upside down from one day to the other. I couldn’t even grasp what was happening to me.

I tried to stop it. All I was left to do was watch as my sister cried for my nephew to a person who never even cared. Never bothered to call to say happy birthday to his son and now he can’t he’s gone and won’t be coming back. My nephew will never know who he was; only seeing him in pictures. I wish I could take their pain away at least for a while but I can’t. My families’ world changed two deaths in one week.

How is that possible- why would that even happened? Leaving us helpless; not being able to do anything. All we could do was watch as they were being lowered into the ground. All you could hear was People’s cries in the back ground. People blaming each other for something they couldn’t have stopped even if they tried. I watched as she said goodbye to him and threw a rose and a hand full of dirt into the hole and walked away. I saw her face it wasn’t the same. She has given up


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