Milby Votes: Papal Edition by Julian Martinez c/o 15

As you already know, Pope Benedict XVI announced that he is stepping down on February 28th, and that means that now, the Catholic Church needs a new pope. That never happened before in our generation, or any generation at all! The last time the Pope calls it quit is back a long, long, long time ago, when Pope Gregory XII steps down in 1415. The reason why Benedict quits because there’s some sort of concern with his health. Since the news broke about Benedict’s Resignation, Catholics around the world are shocked about the announcement from the Pope and the Cardinals are shocked as well.

And I too, was shocked when the Pope announced that he’s stepping down from the Vatican and said, “Great, now we need a new Pope…the problem, who?” By the time March comes in, the Cardinals will decide who’s the next Pope will be, not us. Uh…the Cardinals of the Vatican can choose and not us? The answer is yes! Catholic law states that the Cardinals are allowed to choose, not the people. “It’s sad to see the pope leaving the Vatican, May his journey lies ahead in the future,” said Anonymous #1. Speaking of the Papal Election, 9 Candidates will have to battle it out to become the next head of the Catholic Church, and again, it’s up to the Cardinals to choose who’s the pope will be? As we already know the color of the smoke, White Smoke means that “We got a new Pope,” and black smoke means they haven’t choose the pope yet. “

The Catholic Church needs a new pope, a young, healthy, long-living pope,” said Anonymous #2. So now, we have to wait for Easter to come, meaning that waiting for that time to come. So, until then, may the Pope have a safe journey with his retirement.


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