Grades: Why They Matter by Neftali Mojica c/o 15

HOUSTON_ The fourth six weeks is now coming to a close (even if it was 8 weeks) buffs everywhere are trying to get their work done to try to bump up that F in Mr. Roberts to a B. While other students seem to just consider their grades to be worthless. Like anonymous #1 says “Grades matter a lot in high school” Grades matter, and here’s why. 

Tip #1: Grades are part of the door to the future; good grades open that door while bad grades don’t help out. 
If you are ever thinking about the future know this: your grades will be used for your GPA. Tons of students look at their F’s and think nothing of them. Little did they know that the F in English counts in their graduation from high school. Not only does it matter there it also matters for those buffaloes who wish to get into college. Bad Grades can’t possibly help your GPA in fact all of those F’s drastically destroy it. Colleges want to see 3.0-4.0 GPA’s nothing less so watch those grades because they impact you in the long run. It can also help if you get a Pre-AP or AP class, so if you’re really good at a subject tackle Pre-AP or AP! 

Tip #2: Don’t take that P.E or Spanish for granted because you need it! Students sometimes believe that Art and Communication class electives don’t matter, well it does! You need those credits from those classes and the only way you can get those credits is to PASS IT WITH A GOOD GRADE! Don’t forget once again that those very electives count for your GPA! 

Hopefully the tips help out. It’s important to know that grades really matter in our short 4 years of high school. Remember, with your hard work your grades will improve so stop being lazy and do something about them! Charge on Buffaloes!


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