Circa Survive Album Review by Rubber Toe & Robbles c/o 14

Two years after the release of their third record “Blue Sky Noise”, Circa Survive follows up with their new album “Violent Waves”. Formed in 2004 in Doylestown, Philadelphia, Circa Survive was created by Anthony Green, Colin Frangincetto, Nick Beard, Steve Clifford, and Brendan Ekstram. After meeting the members at some shows, I can say they are all down to earth guys. They all have this type of vibe one stage that just energizes the crowd when they play on stage. Nearing the 10 year time line, Circa Survive still manages to keep their post-hardcore/alternative rock sound fresh with “Violent Waves”. The band has decided to release this album independently after deciding to break free from Antlantic Records. When recording the album, circa decided to give the album a more live vibe feel, thus recording a song in one take. For example, recording drums with bass, guitars, and vocals all the way through rather than track by track. Needless to say, the album was perfect in every way and is possible one of their best albums to date. 

The album begins with the slow paced, heavy song “Birth Of The Economic Hit man”. The lyrics, which came out of a poem front-man Anthony Green wrote, are about him going broke after his first born son was born. “Our life is more than a side effect, we must learn to be lost graciously.” Though the song is seven minutes long, it doesn’t feel that way. Each song has its own uniqueness, filled with many different sounds. “Suitcase”, which is the third track on the album, is about someone who can care less about who you are and begin to treat you different once they realize you’re in a band they life or they know you. “Suitcase”, the band’s first single off the record, is heavy, yet atmospheric, addictive and makes you lack the ability to stop your ears from listening. Another great song, “The Lottery”, leaves you in awe with its heaviness, fast-paced groove, and the raw screams of Anthony Green. The song is about a family member of Anthony Green being diagnosed with cancer. “Blame it on the air that you breath, Well I can’t see how anything’s nursed on disease, Nothing is clean in this place, Our only hope is cutting off the nose to spite the face.” 

After listening to this album, I’m unable to put it down. With so many other great songs in the album, it just shows that Circa Survive never fails to impress any of their fans. I highly recommend people to advert their attention to this album and give it a listen. They wouldn’t regret it.


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