Air Brush by Daysy Vielma c/o 15

Art, do I like it, yes I do! I have been drawing since I was 10 yrs old, I took all my time to learn the basics of this subject in my own way because I learned how to draw by myself .

I will always look any material that catches my attention and draw it out even though it didn’t look the same but I would always try my best. Now that I am 18 years, I am going to show you how my skills in art have improved. 

My friends in school will see me draw every time and they always say that I should do more drawings and be a tattoo artist but tattooing was really not my thing. I knew art was my passion but I wanted to do something different, like instead of drawing in paper, I can draw in clothes, shoes, and in anything else! So I can make this more interesting to myself.

I really do get tired of doing the shadings in my pictures that why I order an airbrush kit on line. The fun part is that once I got it on mail, I started air brushing!this was something really different from a pencil, I knew it was time to move to another level. 

I started cutting figures out of cart board, I made hearts, stars, and hello kitty this was really fun. I even made shirts for my friends it was all practice but I just I know I tried my best doing these designs on their shirts. Well I sold them for $15 dollars each and now my art is helping me a lot, I am really proud of me because sometimes I cannot even believe myself, I thank god for these good skill I have. 

Now I am going to stick with airbrushing clothes hopefully I get better at this, and I wonder if I am ever going to move to another level like tattooing, we will see what happens, first I need to accomplish this mission!



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