Lost Ones by Perla Lucio c/o 15

Have you ever lost someone you knew? One day you just notice that they’re just not there anymore. They were gone in a matter of seconds. I’ve lost many people in my life. At first you don’t even understand and then it hits you that they’re gone and won’t be coming back.

I would always wonder why I am still here. Why did he/her have to die? I just can’t get it that people can actually be gone and many of us just go on with our lives like nothing happened. Show some sympathy people. Your family member just died and you’re in the club dancing your ass off.

You should have at least waited until thinks were all calmed down. Every time I lost a love one or a friend I was never the same. I felt like a piece of me was missing. I understand many people don’t want to express their feelings but it’s good to show feelings because something big may happen to you and you’ll break down.

If you don’t know what to do when a love one dies just try talking to someone. It will make you feel better than having to hold everything in.


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