Buffalo Beatdown by Alexis Osorio c/o 13

Wednesday Feb. 13th your fellow Buffaloes played against the Waltrip High School Rams. Going into the game the Buffs didn’t know what to expect but what they did know was that it was a must win so they would not fall back in the standings. 

About two minutes after the first whistle blew the Buffs already had their first dangerous play which showed promises of a good game. Then a cross from forward Maynor Gutiérrez landed at the feet of midfielder Fidel Guevara who took a strike at goal. Unfortunately the ball hit off a player but since Maynor crashed on the rebound he was able to put it in the back of the net.

With such a fast start there was a feeling that the blowout was about to come soon but that’s not what happened. The Buffs kept creating and creating plays that were mostly dangerous but could not score, partly because of the spectacular saves by the Waltrip goalie. Then midfielder Osman Saenz was able to create a shot on goal which ended up being a wonderful goal from outside the box for his first goal of the season. That is how the two teams went into the half with the Buffs up 2-0. The second half brought much more excitement and whole bunch of goals.

The most notable were goals from midfielder Marco Gonzalez and a second goal from forward Maynor Gutierrez. The goal scored by Marco came from a wonderful display of dribbling skills which ended with a powerful strike that hit off the crossbar before going in. The goal that sealed the deal was the 4th goal by Maynor which came from an assist by Marco on a through ball which left Maynor one on one with the goalie. He faked the goalie and easily walked by and scored an easy tap in.

This was a great display of play by the Buffs that definitely boosted their confidence for the next game. 

The next game is TODAY, Friday the 15th against the Lee High School Generals, please come out and support your Buffs and their leading striker Maynor Gutierrez who has 4 goals on the season.


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