Valentine’s Day by Idalis Villegas c/o 15

On February the 14th, people from all over the world celebrate this beautiful day by showing their love to family, friends, lovers or maybe just a stranger.

Many people look forward to Valentines day because they might be giving somebody a special gift, candy, roses, or teddy bears. On my honest opinion, I love Valentines day. You get to eat a lot of chocolate covered strawberries and you get gifts. It is a very beautiful day to be with someone you truly love.

A lot of couples go out to eat, have a date or just hang out. There are 62% of people that celebrate Valentines day. Some people might not want to celebrate Valentines day because they don’t want to waste their money or they might not have anybody to celebrate Valentines with. Boys are usually the main ones who spend the most money because they need to show their girl how much they truly love them. Girls don’t really have to spend a lot or some don’t even spend nothing at all. It is normal for a guy to get a girl something but not a girl.

Either way it doesn’t matter because as long as they both love each other then that’s all that should matter. I hope everyone has a good Valentine’s with their lover. Happy Valentines day everyone.


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