Real Madrid v. Manchester United by Tejada c/o 14

Real Madrid vs Manchester United-some people said it was the match of the year. It was a match full of excitement, where we could watch some of the best players in the world playing against each other.

I took the time to ask some people about who they thought was the best player of the match and we all agreed that it was either David De Gea or Welbeck from Manchester United. Welbeck played a great match today, he scored in the 20th minute, from a corner, the Forward saw the ball coming and without thinking, he just hit the ball with his head leaving the score 1-0.

De Gea, goalkeeper from Manchester United, saved the team in multiple occasions, but he couldn’t stop Ronaldo from scoring an amazing goal with his forehead, with an excellent assistance from Di Maria.

“We began very strong and suddenly they scored and the match took on another form for us,” Madrid coach Jose Mourinho said.The result means Madrid is now unbeaten in 34 consecutive home matches (27 wins, seven draws) since a Copa del Rey loss to Barcelona on Jan. 18, 2012. “The first half I was a bit disappointed by how deep we defended and gave Real a lot of opportunities for crosses and shots.” “Manchester is a very strong team defensively and they created a few problems for us,” Ronaldo said. “But we really needed to have scored one or two more goals.” The last time these two teams met at the Bernabeu, was in 2003 when Madrid emerged 3-1 winners. But it has been 11 years since Madrid played a knockout Champions League match without goalkeeper Iker Casillas, who was out because of a broken hand and replaced by Diego Lopez.”They came here to defend well,” Mourinho said. “They came here to not concede spaces and goals, and they did not play to win. But they know they have very important players with great potential that out of nothing, can create chances and score goals.”


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