Mexican Horror Story by Janel Martinez c/o 13

On January 27 in a Jalisco hospital near Guadalajara, Mexico, a 9 year-old Mexican girl gave birth via C-section to a baby. A search is going on for the 17 year-old father of the child. Dafne, the mother, and the child are both healthy and recovering at home.

The doctors decided to perform a C-section due to her young age. According to Jalisco State police, Dafne described her relationship with the child’s father as loving but unwilling to release any further information. Due to her young age, police do not know if she’s being completely truthful. A spokesperson from the prosecutor’s office said that she didn’t realize she was pregnant till she was seven months pregnant.

The office is still open to the possibility of rape or child abuse, police said. But according to Dafne’s account, the child’s father suggested she and the baby move in with him but he left town when she refused. Dafne is one of the eleven children from a family living in Ixtlahvacan de los Membrillos, 25 miles south of Guadalajara. While giving birth at such a young age is obviously unusual, it is not impossible.

The age when girls start menstruating is dropping. Although the average is still about 12, and even lower among Hispanic girls. Pregnancy can occur before a girl at the end of the menstrual cycle after ovulation.


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