Bullying Incident by Luigi Ramirez c/o 14

A Pennsylvania boy is currently in a coma after a schoolyard fight with classmates who he and his family claims were bullying him. An honor 6th grade student, Baily O’ Neal, was in a fight and fractured his nose after being struck in the face a couple of times.

His parents took their son, who had a concussion, to the A.1 Duport hospital when his father saw or noticed, something was wrong with his son. A few days later, Baily started having violent seizures and needed to be hospitalized. The seizures were so bad that the doctors had to put him under a coma. The parents of this child are staying as strong as they possibly can.

Also, Baily’s father mentioned that the child who struck Baily was suspended for two days. Baily’s parents haven’t pressed any charges yet. In this situation, if bullying was really the problem, it’s shows why people shouldn’t bully each other.


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