Boys Soccer Opener by Alexis Osorio

“1-2-3 Milby!” Those were the last words the Buffs said before taking the pitch for their season opener against Davis High School. It was the start of a new season, one that has many aspirations for the Buffs.

It seemed like the Buffaloes were ready for the start of the season because they came out of the gate as hot as a team could possibly be. The team created tons of chances within the first ten minutes, including two shots that hit the post. The team had approximately ten chances, give or take a few, within those ten minutes but could never capitalize on them. Although it is great to dominate possession and create tons of chances, there is no use if you cannot put the ball in the net. That is what summarized the first half, plenty of chances created by the Buffs and a Davis defense that was against the wall.

Unfortunately the boys could never finish on their opportunities and they went into the half with goose eggs. The coach warned the team to not get overconfident, even though they were dominating the game, and to keep the intensity up. Apparently the message did not stick too well because ten minutes into the half, the Davis boys scored on a quick counterattack. Now the Buffs had to rush themselves to get a ball into the net and now with the pressure on, the opportunities were not coming as easy.

The game was at an even deadlock for most of the half and that only benefited Davis. There was about ten minutes left when a ball played back to the Davis defense, causing some confusion which was immediately pounced upon by forward Maynor Gutiérrez. With about ten minutes left in the game, the Buffs finally put a ball into the net! Unfortunately it was too little too late and the game ended in a draw. It was not the start the Buffs imagined, especially considering the circumstances, but they just have to move forward with their season.

After the game I spoke to one of the captains of the team, Jose Contreras, to get his comments on the season opener. He stated, “Although it was not the best way to start the season, I still have faith in my team and their ability to comeback from this disappointing draw.” He also added, “There’s still plenty of season left, so we just have to stick to our game plan and be confident in our game.”

The next game is against our rival Austin High School so be sure to go out and support your fellow Buffs!


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