There is Love by Idalis Villegas c/o 15

A Connecticut couple is known as the longest marriage in the United States. A Connecticut couple who tied the knot will be named the longest married couple in the U.S. John and Ann Betar “I do” on November 25, 1932 and have been happily married for 80 years now. Together they have 5 children, 14 grand children and 16 great-grandchildren. Ann, who is at the age of 97 says “It is unconditional love and understanding, we have had that. We consider it a blessing.”

Real love like that makes me realize and see that there is real love out there in this world and there are people out there that have such a strong love for each other. I look up to these kind of relationship because it is such a beautiful thing knowing that these couples are still together after so much time. People say that love doesn’t last forever.

But look at this couple, John and Ann, they actually have been together forever. I have never heard of a married couple being together for that long and now that I know, I do believe love can last forever. When you are with somebody you love, it feels right, like y’all are meant for each other. Nothing else matters, but your other half. Love is unexplainable but once you find someone to love, it becomes beautiful.


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