Income Taxe$ by Daysy Vielma c/o 15

Every year people forget to report their taxes, and the majority of them get excited for the amount of money they receive, are you taking good care of your income tax money? There are a lot of student that always talk about how much money they receive from their parents and everything that they want to buy, but is this really necessary, I don’t think so. 

Antonio Vielma is a freshman from Milby High School and talks about income tax is affecting him. “I got $500 from my older brother, I was so excited I went shopping bought me shoes, and clothes but I knew something was wrong. I started changing my mind, a lot of ideas were running through my head, I was thinking that we should save money in case of an emergency and that instead of buying all of the materials stuff we should save up money for a house! Now that what I wanted to do.” 

It is really hard for students like Antonio that he doesn’t have the age to report his income tax and have to wait until he is a grown young adult, and if his older brother doesn’t take good care of the money it his money no one else cannot take it away from him. This happens to a lot of families that once they have the money they want to waist all of it in three days, people need to save up money in a bank for incase of an emergency.


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