Buffs on Parade! (Water Buffs) by Bill Rivera c/o 14

As some people may think this article is about Football, it isn’t, this is about the Milby swim team. The Milby swim team has currently been crowned the 4A District champs!

A big achievement for the Milby swim team and for the school itself, they are going to regionals tomorrow. I got a chance to sit and talk to boy’s swim team member Alberto Orozco about his thoughts on the big accomplishment and if he feels himself is ready and if he thinks that his teammates are ready for regional’s competition, he then said, “I feel pretty good about being district champs and I think some are ready, but then again there are lots of fast swimmers that well umm could destroy us (light giggle) and basically all we have to do is try our best and do our best.” I also asked him about his feelings for upcoming big swim he replied with, “Pretty determined to do good, the best I can, not saying I’m going to win, but just to try to give it my best.”

Not that confident in my opinion, I honestly think the swim team has this victory, just like Alberto said all they have to do is try their best. Well best of luck to the Milby swim team and if you get a chance catch your fellow buffs in action Friday February 8, 2013 at Don Cook auditorium, free admission.


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