Pemex Explosion by Julissa Enriquez c/o 15

Earlier this week, an explosion in a Pemex building hit the news. It all happened in Mexico City, Mexico where Pemex’s headquarters are located.

The explosion at the headquarters may have been caused by a buildup of what is believed to be methane gas, but the investigation remains open. There had been rumors about a bomb car near the building that caused the explosion. There has been no proof of explosives being on site, so that rumor is being pushed away. However, the lower floors of the building did collapsed.

Anyhow, the explosion caused four people to get trapped and crushed under the rubble of the fallen floors. There were 37 dead and 121 injured people which include 52 still in the hospital.  The main cause of death in the building was the explosion which caused the floors to move up and then back down causing most of the 37 deaths. Right after the explosion, people promptly began searching through the rubble in search of survivors.

The explosion also caused numerous of questions to go unanswered. People were left wondering on the safety conditions of Pemex which are under investigation. Peña Nieto, Mexico’s president, has been considering letting foreign companies invest on Pemex, but has not yet given an answer. Meanwhile, a Mexican congressman wants the Mexican government to give Pemex a bigger budget so they can better organize their infrastructure and cause fewer accidents.

Whatever the cause may have been, it was a terrible accident that I wish would not have happened.


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