Time to Quit by Jaclyn Dueñez c/o 14

HOUSTON_“Honor your parents and your life will be full of blessings” so it says in the bible. That’s something most teenagers nowadays don’t comply with.

To be honest, I myself have taken my parents for granted. I admit I don’t always show appreciation for the things they do for me. I know smoking is no excuse, but that’s something that takes control of you and by the time you realize it, you would have already made so many bad decisions, I say this from experience.

From the way people see it, I have it all. An amazing family that cares for me, good grades, great friends, a house to live in, nice clothes to wear, and good food to eat. You can say I have a pretty good life. So then, why smoke? That’s the same question my dad asked me and I honestly did not know how to respond. My parents have a point, why smoke when you have everything going for you? All I gain by smoking is my parents’ disappointment. For a smoker, I can actually say I try hard in school to keep up my grades and for the most part, I think I’m doing great right now. The only thing I seem to do wrong is smoke. But in my opinion, I don’t see smoking as a bad thing as long as you do everything that needs to get done.

Smoking helps release stress and for others, it might even help them concentrate on their work for once. Many people have shared this with me so I know I’m not the only one who thinks like this. Even though I don’t really see anything wrong with smoking, I don’t really see what’s so good about it either. I’m tired of disappointing my parents and I’m tired of making them mad and having them stress over my actions when they already have enough to deal with. Some people might think different of course, but I think I’m making the right decision to quit smoking.

Oh, it’s illegal by the way, so why not just save me the chance of getting into trouble. When you look back at it, you’ll see that smoking weed was never really worth it.


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