Peer Pressure by Neftali Mojica c/o 15

HOUSTON_ Peer pressure, it happens to all of us from our earliest days, we may not have known it, but back in grade school we may have let our buddies pressure us into getting the same things they had like the same color notebook or backpack. All throughout our middle school days and into our high school years, peer pressure seems to follow us there and some seem to fall into its clutches.

Peer pressure can make many people do things they don’t want to do but still do it and the question is, why? Well the most relevant answer would be because they want to be like everyone else and fit into different “cliques” around school. This pressure caused by peers can seriously lead to problems and issues in the future. At first, people who fall for this think almost nothing of it, but the the issues arrive. Sometimes, those “friends” that pressured you into doing something will offer you bad things like alcohol or drugs. Then a big string of problems come into your life leaving you thinking, where did I go wrong? Peer pressure made you go the wrong way.

I asked some buffalos how they felt about peer pressure and here’s what they had to say. “It’s just wrong to do that to someone.” said Anonymous #1. I agree that it’s wrong and people shouldn’t be subjected to that. Anonymous #2 said, “It’s wrong, but if you think about it the person who fell for that is also to blame.” I believe anonymous #2 is correct.

The choice is ours whether we want to be subjected to that or not. So choose your own path and your own style and you will reach your dream! Don’t reach for anyone else’s dream and lock peer pressure out of your life.


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